Svensk Idrottspsykologisk Förening


Welcome to SIPF – The Swedish Sport Psychology Association.

Swedish Sport Psychology Association, SIPF

Swedish Sport Psychology Association, SIPF, was formed in November 2000 and is an association of Swedish sports psychology.

The main tasks of the SIPF are:

– To act as an organization to strengthen networking possibilities.

– To improve the opportunities for sports psychological research.

–  To promote sports psychology education.

– To utilize and transfer of applied sports psychological knowledge.

–  To create opportunities for improved knowledge exchange between those who do research and applied work.

– To encourage and promote enhanced cooperation between different disciplines.

– To improve contacts between individuals active in sports psychology, both nationally and internationally.

– To act as a partner to those organizations that are interested in strengthening the sports psychological field in Sweden. Providing a resource for media, specialist organizations and others who need sports psychological information and knowledge.